2009-08-29 13:24:26
mathieui Anonymous user
Bluemindo always crash when I try to change the interface while the interface is already loading.
Same when I degroup/group the artists quickly in the album view.
Maybe you should add some rules in order to prevent that (making the radio buttons unclickable during the operation, for example)
2009-08-29 16:09:02
mathieui Anonymous user
Bug in the album view fixed in the last svn version
2010-06-18 13:21:29
erwanb Erwan Briand
  • Status changed to Resolved
  • Milestone changed to 0.4
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2010-06-18 13:21:35
erwanb Erwan Briand
  • Version changed to trunk
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erwanb Erwan Briand
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