2011-12-13 22:55:51
ZMasashi Anonymous user
Hi... I lie to use a music player that has a lybrary witch can show big album art. I installed this program (Bluemindo) today to try it out, because I saw it can show big album art on the screenshots. When I tried it out, I found a variety of bugs. First, when I "asked" him to refresh, he lost itself somewhere else (luckily my bro was able to retrieve it using a terminal, I don't know how to use terminal). The other bug is, when I finaly made him refresh, it didn't show album art of the albums from my collection. So here I am reporting the bug, send me a mail if something is changed...

P.s: I rly don't know what does "insert specified code" mean, I just left it like it was...
2015-11-23 14:29:37
erwanb Erwan Briand
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