Bluemindo 1.0 RC1 released!

Published by erwanb. About 5 years and 8 months ago.
After a few months of developement and more years of sleeping, a new release of Bluemindo is finally out! We updated the whole software in order to prepare the release of the future 1.0 stable version, and here is the first release candidate!

This new version of Bluemindo music player brings a few major updates. In fact, the whole source code has been refactored. We switched from Python 2.x to Python 3.x, GSTreamer 0.10.x to GSTreamer 1.x and from GTK 2.x to GTK 3.x. Along with all this work on the source code, a brand new user interface has been created, that is now cutting-edge and modern!

Bluemindo 1.0 RC1 GUI

Speaking on the graphical user interface, there is now only one view for your music collection. It consists of a list of album discs, which is searchable and filterable.

Also, the playback mode is now working automatically with Gapless and ReplayGain support (which wisely switch between Album & Track modes without any user actions). You can now just concentrate on your music. And nothing else!

The minor changes are the full support of MPRIS/MediaPlayer2 (dbus protocol to control audioplayers), a better support of Lyrics and Album artworks downloading and full support for playlists/automatic playlists/saved playlists.

Convinced? Try out Bluemindo 1.0 RC1 now!