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Introducing CodingTeam website

Published by erwanb. About 13 years and 5 months ago.

This is just some news about the new CodingTeam website hosted at

The goal of this website is to show CodingTeam and to inform developers, users and administrators about this software. It provides a full description, an historical presentation, a features list, a support page and contact informations.

This website is now the homepage for the CodingTeam project and it will make your life: if you want to talk about the CodingTeam software, you use but if you want to talk about the free forge for free (as in freedom) software projects, you still use

If you are interested, you will see that we mention a few enterprises that are using CodingTeam within their developement processus. If you are aware about other installations, let us know!

Feel free to take a loot at our new website:!

CodingTeam 0.9 released

Published by erwanb. About 13 years and 9 months ago.

CodingTeam 0.9 is now released!

More than one year after the first public version of CodingTeam (the 0.42 in june 2007), I am very pleased to announce a new version of your favorite forge software.
For this version (0.9), the source code has been fully rewritten and we want to adopt another developement method. The 0.9 will be the first of a whole branch, followed by 0.9.1, the 0.9.2 and so on…

If you are wondering about the signification of the numbers, you just have to know that the first public version was 0.42, it was already usable but not so stable. And because we want to start a new branch, 0.9 will be more stable and with a lot of new functionnalities. The *really stable* version will be the 1.0.

The great things in 0.9 are:

  • timeline and roadmap
  • integration of Jabber/XMPP
  • integration of Subversion
  • full support of OpenForge API 0.1
  • SVG statistics
  • notepad (a sort of wall)
  • projects can now use tags
  • projects are now rated by popularity

But, if you look closely, you'll see that this new version comes with a lot of new exciting things!

For more information about the CodingTeam software, read this page or the documentation.

If you want to use this version, you can download CodingTeam! Just as a reminder: if you are a developer of free-software (free as in freedom), you can use this forge ( to host your projects!

As I said before, the work is not finished and we are planning many new functionnalities. Check out the roadmap to see the progress of our work. In the other hand, if you find a bug or if you want improvements, let us know!

Many thanks to all contributors! And long life to CodingTeam!
Also, I want to personnaly thanks the users at for their incredible patience: but they can be happy now, their patience is now fully rewarded!

CodingTeam 0.42

Published by erwanb. About 15 years and 3 months ago.
I am pleased to announce you the new CodingTeam release: CodingTeam 0.42!

CodingTeam is a free forge that permits presentation, management and development of your projects.

After a couple of months, the French-speaking forge benefits from huge improvements as the GNU GPL licensing of the source code, the translation of the entire forge in English (from now on, the forge is available in French and in English) and a lot of new options for the projects that use CodingTeam.
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