First CodingTeam meeting

Published by erwanb. About 12 years and 0 month ago.

If you are following our French-speaking community, you should know that a meeting of CodingTeam users have been organized in Paris this week-end. The goal of this meeting was to meet users, discuss of the CodingTeam software, problems, and ideas for the future of the software forge. And to eat a lot of flammekueche (and perhaps too much).

A few technical points have been discussed. We talked about Git integration in CodingTeam (expected very soon), download count, popularity calculation and the possibility of integrating PubSub. We (or some of us) also talked about beers, horror movies and a lots of other fun stuff.

img From left to right: Florent (louiz'), Frédéric (P'tit FR[e]D), Erwan (xbright), Edouard (inouire) and Emmanuel (Link Mauve)

Furthermore, this was an opportunity for five users of the CodingTeam software forge to face their favorite administrator and their favorite developer: me.

img Harold (Melsophos) and Florent (louiz')

This meeting is born on the forum and there surely will be a lot of meeting again in the future!