Second CodingTeam meeting

Published by erwanb. About 11 years and 2 months ago.

Another CodingTeam meeting was organized in Paris. Last time we were only 5, and this time, we were 7. If you are living in Paris, watch the forum for a probable future meeting!

The appointment was in downtown Paris (Châtelet) at 6 PM and our meeting ended around midnight. We talked a lot about various subjects like:

  • the daily server problems on and the recent call for contributions to rent a better server (the full call message can be read in french and english on the homepage ; and, by the way, we need your help!)
  • the lack of importation mechanism in CodingTeam and the necessity to have a system that allow to save our data and to switch to another software forge without data loss
  • the need to write an installation script for CodingTeam
  • the futures plans for CodingTeam and the planned releases
  • the progress of the correction of a few bugs
  • the fact that parisian sell Breton galette under the ridiculous name of "salty crêpes"
  • and so many other topics!

For your information, after the flammekueche of the first meeting, we chose pizzas this time.

Here are a few pictures of us:

img From left to right: Mathieu (mathieui), Emmanuel (manu) and Yann (Asterix, the Gajim developer)
img From left to right: Emmanuel (Link Mauve, who just came from somewhat an original exhibition) and Mathieu (mathieui, again!)
img From left to right: Harold (Melsophos), Florent (louiz') and Erwan (xbright)

So it was a very pleasant meeting between good, rich and sexy people (the next time we'll try to make better photos of us)! Hope to see you in the future!