CodingTeam 0.9.4 released

Published by erwanb. About 7 years and 10 months ago.

After 4 years, the new CodingTeam release is now published! CodingTeam 0.9.4 is together a bug fixes release and a major feature enhancements one as it introduces a bunch of great new features.

The 0.9.3 was published in june 2010. It's been 4 years and almost 200 commits (mostly made since october 2014) to create the new release. This release brings important new features like:

  • Git support (basic functionalities only for the code browser)
  • Teams support
  • Lot of new statistics (on project activity and source code)
  • Better roadmap (with statistics on distribution and progression of reports)
  • Totally new look'n'feel, with a modern CSS/HTML5 template

We added a few little improvements too. A huge amount of bugs have been fixed and the Mercurial support is now better. We also added the ability for a user to be automatically warned about new elements in his dashboard. A few other changes have been made too:

  • added preselected filters in the bug tracker
  • compliance with the latest PHP5 evolutions
  • removed all XMPP features related to chatrooms or presence

You can download CodingTeam 0.9.4 here. If you were using CodingTeam 0.9.3, you have to read and execute scripts/miscellaneous/upgrade093-094.php to update your database. You might also take a look at our documentation.

If you want to chat with us about this new release, you can join us on our XMPP chatroom or post a message on this topic.