CodingTeam 0.9.1 released

Published by erwanb. About 13 years and 3 months ago.

Only 6 months after the 0.9, CodingTeam 0.9.1 is now released!

A lot of exciting new features come with this new version of the CodingTeam software-forge. CodingTeam is a forge used by more than 1.000 users on and by a few enterprises.

CodingTeam 0.9.1 introduces:

  • basic template system based on the alternative PHP syntax
  • ability to make a project private
  • advanced commit hooks: it can now automatically close a bug if your commit message contains something like "fixes #id" or "fixed #id"
  • new timeline: no more ATOM agregator but data is now taken from the database in a given interval and can be configured very simply on the user-side
  • ability for anonymous to report a bug or add a comment to a bug
  • notion of milestone in addition to the affected version: roadmap is now generated with the milestone field
  • user's briefcases: allow users to upload files for their project (eg: pictures or PDFs for wiki pages…)
  • ability to make the forge non-public (require authentification)
  • new Subversion code browser: faster and more efficient (can show an image, show a really beautiful diff…)

Also, this update comes with many fixed bugs and little improvements.

Some work has been done on sessions too. For example, developers can now extend the BaseSession class in order to allow different authentification methods inside CodingTeam. This new feature has been used to implement an experimental support of the XEP-0070 (Verifying HTTP Requests via XMPP, a sort of XMPP authentification).
In addition to this, CodingTeam 0.9.1 introduce a security fix that try to prevent session hijacking.

Still on the developer-side, the error handler class has been greately improved. It can show a full traceback (debug and source code). It can handle all errors (from CT errors to PHP fatal errors). And it can also log all errors into a file (the log levelling is configurable).

Administrators will see that their administration interface has been improved too. They can now clear the whole cache just by clicking on a button. And they can edit all data (licences, languages, categories and available translations) with a really simple form.

In order to celebrate this new version, has been upgraded! Feel free to take a look at this website and to spread it worldwide.

You can download CodingTeam 0.9.1 here. If you were using CodingTeam 0.9, you have to read and execute scripts/miscellaneous/upgrade09-091.php to update your database.

Stay tuned, the 0.9.2 is our new goal with a lot of new exciting features. Take a look at our roadmap!