CodingTeam 0.9.2 released

Published by erwanb. About 12 years and 8 months ago.

A few months after the 0.9.1, the new version of CodingTeam is released! This new release comes with bugfixes and four main new features.

CodingTeam 0.9.2 reintroduces the gettext-based online translation system. It was already in our forge up to the 0.42 but this had disappeared with the full-rewrite of the 0.9. Now, you can easily translate your software online with CodingTeam! The process is simple: you upload a gettext translation model (a .pot file) and then users can translate all your strings in their language. If you already have a gettext translation file (a .po), you can upload it to automatically translate all the strings in the database. When you want to get the translated strings in order to release your software, just export the translation file for all available languages and it's done! And by the way, to prepare the next release, you will import your new .pot file, which will cause the automatical update of your strings database (deleted strings will be deactivated).

This feature is very new and we release it early to get feebacks on this implementation, in order to make it better and better with the time. But here it is, you can now translate your softwares with CodingTeam!

An another main new feature of this 0.9.2 release is the advanced user-rights management by projects. Project's admins can now grant powers or not to their coworkers. For instance, you can now make a moderator for your forums that cannot use Subversion. You can also disable the rights for the others project's admins to edit or delete the project. All you could imagine by the past can easily be done, now!

The third important improvement in this new release is the ability to filter bugs on a multiplicity of criterias. Bugs can now be filtred on their status, type, assigning, version and/or milestone.

And, last but not least, the fourth main feature is the support for multiples templates themes. CodingTeam now comes with two CSS, the default one and a simple one that just aims to show you an exemple of the CodingTeam CSS creation.

Besides that, a lot of bugfixes have been done and we can highlight a few little improvements:

  • if need-validate is enabled, when an admin adds a project, he doesn't have anymore to validate his new project
  • when a project's admin edits the bug's properties, he doesn't have anymore to inevitably assign it to someone
  • if the default versions ordering doesn't fit to your needs, you can set a position identifier to easily choose the order
  • ability to prevent anonymous users to post anything on the forge
  • spam filter (based on the content)
  • a personal dashboard: timeline for all your projects

You can download CodingTeam 0.9.2 here. If you were using CodingTeam 0.9.1, you have to read and execute scripts/miscellaneous/upgrade091-092.php to update your database.

And to celebrate this new release, introduces the CodingTeam Blog! Click here to read our blog.