CodingTeam 0.9.3 released

Published by erwanb. About 12 years and 3 months ago.

About 5 months after the 0.9.2 release, the new CodingTeam release is now published! CodingTeam 0.9.3 is together a bug fixes release and a major feature enhancements one as it introduces four great new features.

First of all, CodingTeam now opens to several SCM and supports Mercurial as well as Subversion. From now on, you can create Mercurial repositories inside CodingTeam and they are fully handled from automatic creation to browsing. We are open to all remarks or bug reports on our first implementation of a decentralized version control system.

The second key feature is the evolution of the dashboard. It's no longer just a tool to gather all the timelines of your projects, although you can always do that. It's now a tool to administer all your projects! It comes with a complete administration panel allowing you to do in just one place all an administrator can do on his project:

  • managing versions and milestones
  • managing access rights
  • enabling or disabling features
  • uploading files in a project briefcase
  • managing downloads
  • managing internationalization
  • managing news
  • managing chatrooms
  • managing screenshots
  • editing or deleting the project

That means that all these administration tasks are now all grouped in only one place, facilitating their usage. It comes with the support for advanced access rights (you can now finely configure the rights granted to someone), for features management (you can enable or disable a feature that you don't want to use for the project) and for project briefcase (you can upload files to be linked elsewhere, like in the wiki documentation).

Another important new feature is the private messaging system! Users can now communicate between them through the forge. It's simple, you can send a private message to someone in just one click. Private messages are displayed in threads and threads that contain new messages are shown ahead. It's a fast and easy to use tool to improve communication between users.

Finally, the last major feature enhancement for this new release is the notification system. It can send notifications to user when they receive private messages, when there are activites on a bug in which they are involved or on a forum topic in which they have participated. It works both via e-mails and XMPP. Thus CodingTeam reinforces its position as the only software forge to integrate a lot of functionnalities of XMPP (chatrooms, presence, authentification and now, notifications).

Furthermore, we can pick out little improvements like the new pagination system, the fact that CodingTeam is now PHP 5.3.x ready and the bug tracker evolutions (issues don't have anymore to rely on a version and 3 new filters have been added: priority, title and content).

We can also speak about the translation system, which was integrated in the previous release. A few bug fixes and improvements have been made on it, as it was planned. Now, translaters can use the fast submission tool (it allows them to translate a lot of strings on only one page).

And, last but not least, a total of more than 25 bugs have been fixed that we can sum up:

  • global administrators are now warned when a project is added to the queue
  • project admins are now warned when their project is validated or deleted
  • private project's SCM repositories are now unattainable for anonymous users
  • ability to download a patch from a diff view in the code browser
  • ability to answer on a closed (and tagged as resolved) bug report
  • fixed downloads problems

You can download CodingTeam 0.9.3 here. If you were using CodingTeam 0.9.2, you have to read and execute scripts/miscellaneous/upgrade092-093.php to update your database. You might also take a look at our documentation.

And to celebrate this new release, has now a very new appearance with a special CSS, thus it will be easy to distinguish from other CodingTeam instances at a glance. Enjoy!